First, some words that I like and kinda describe me: (the definition that describes me is in RED.

aficionado n 1: a person who likes, knows about, and appreciates an interest or activity : devotee (this activity for me is computers)

assiduous adj 1: marked by careful and persistent attention or application

audacious adj 1: intrepidly daring: adventurous : recklessly bold  2: contemptuous of law, religion, or decorum : insolent.

brusque adj 1: markedly short and abrupt 2: blunt in a manner of speech often to the point of harshness.

indomitable adj 1: incapable of being subdued : unconquerable

persnickety adj 1a: fussy about small details : fastidious b: snobbish 2: requiring great precision.

stoic adj 1: not affected by or showing passion or feeling; especially : firmly restraining to pain.

veracity n 1: devotion to truth: truthfulness 2: conformity with fact: accuracy 3: something true

Now some other words that I like.

anachronism n 1: the error of placing a person or thing in the wrong time period 2: one that is chronologically out of place

bindle stiff n 1: hobo; especially : one who carries his clothes or bedding in a bundle

disavow v 1: to deny responsibility for : repudiate 2: to refuse to acknowledge : disclaim

jackleg adj 1a: lacking skill or training b: characterized by unscrupulousness or dishonesty 2: makeshift

kakistocracy n 1: government by the worst men

myrmidon n 1: a loyal follower 2: a subordinate who executes orders unquestioningly or unscrupulously

scrofulous adj 1a: having a diseased run-down appearance b: morally contaminated

Svengali n 1: one who attempts usually with evil intentions to force another to do his bidding

tatterdemalion adj 1: ragged or disreputable in appearance 2: being in a decayed condition: dilapidated

tenacious adj 1: not easily pulled apart : cohesive, tough 2: persistent in maintaining or adhering to something valued or habitual

thanatology n 1: the description or study of the phenomena of death and of psychological mechanisms for coping with them