As I've stated in other locations on this site, I am a Software Developer.  I do this both in my free time and for a living.  This place on the web is dedicated to that aspect of my life.

My most recent software engineering feat is a Tournament Making program that allows the user to create and run their own tournaments without the need for paper brackets, the hassle of late comers, the headache of creating and seeding players and byes.  Previously the Tournament Maker was in a beta phase for version 2.0 for approximately a year and a half.  The latest version of the Tournament Maker is version 2.1, instead of a mass beta release like 2.0, I had a select few people beta test this version before I released it.  This was a much more manageable and successful beta test, and I very much appreciate all of the beta testers involved and the great ideas, and bug fixes that were offered. 

When the Tournament Maker started it was created specifically for video game tournaments, now, the Tournament Maker can be used for any game that requires a double or single-elimination style "knockout bracket."  Most notably NCAA style tournaments can be run with this application.  Included with the application is a sample NCAA bracket based off of the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament for 2006. 

Plans are in place for future updates to this software including but not limited to adding additional tournament types like Round Robin, score keeping, and internet friendly output.

The long awaited update to the Tournament Maker is now available.  Version 2.1 build 11.  There is a lot new with this version including:
  • More efficient storing and handling of participants
  • Customizable and filterable game list.
  • Location/Skill seeding
  • Names or Nicknames may appear on bracket.
  • Customizable bracket colors.
  • Customizable results.
  • Create game templates.
  • GUI update to match XP styles for Windows XP.
  • Fully updated help files for all new features.
  • Non-American currency support
  • and many more...

For a full list of fixes and enhancements view the "Version History" section of the included help file.

Tournament Maker 2.1 (11.6 MB)
(11.6 MB) December 2006

Or download older versions of the Tournament Maker:

Tournament Maker 2.0.6 (3.86 MB) Version 2.0 beta 6 (3.86 MB)
July 2006

Tournament Maker 1.5 (4.25 MB) Version 1.5 (4.25 MB) February 2004

This application was a school project my senior year of college.  It is a basic Picture Viewing application.  I created this actually before it was assigned as a means by which to view all of my pictures without having to open up slow-opening and running major picture editing applications.

(1.94 MB)

This application was originally going to be an update to the Picture Viewer above, where I added a slideshow capability to the Picture Viewer.  As I worked on this separately from the Picture Viewer, I decided it would be best as an application by itself.  Who knows perhaps one day I will go back and put them together.

(1.64 MB)

For projects that I completed on the job (not in my spare time) see the my resume.  Obviously work programmed while at work is property of that company so it can't be available for download here.  Besides who'd want it? It's company specific.