I certify that everything on this résumé is correct and accurate as of August 28, 2009.  If you are a recruiter or are seeking a skilled Software Engineer please email me and I will send you the resume in Word or Text Format with my complete contact information including address and phone number.  While I may not be actively seeking new employment, I am always open to any potentially career-advancing opportunities.

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Adrian L. Jones
Kansas City, KS


 A challenging software engineering position that requires problem-solving skills using software object-oriented development languages.


Cerner Corporation, Kansas City, MO - (Senior Software Engineer) March 2005 to Present

Revenue Cycle Ambulatory Project: (2007-present) Responsible for architecting, creating, designing and implementing an entirely new solution for Patient Accounting using Java 6, the Eclipse Framework, and OSGI. Data access and manipulation is read from an Oracle database using Cerner’s CCL query language. As a Team Lead was responsible for design and requirements decisions, maintaining and tracking defects and overseeing the development of other engineers and a team of engineers in India.

Claim Viewer/Editor: (2006) Responsible for creating a new user-friendly front-end application for viewing and editing medical claims in order to bring clients up to new government standards for claim processing. This project was implemented using Visual Basic 6.0 reading XML and XML Schema as well as pulling information from an Oracle Database using Cerner’s CCL query language.

Transaction Batch Entry: (2005) Responsible for major rewrite and overhaul of existing application for entering transactions into the Patient Accounting system. This project was written fully in Visual Basic 6.0 and database access using Cerner’s CCL query language.

New Associate Mentor: (2006) Successfully mentored a new associate to become productive and active quickly in the software engineering role.

Skills Acquired: Java 6, SWT and JFace classes, Eclipse and the Eclipse Framework, OSGi, XML and XML Schema, CCL language, associate mentoring, structured processes for handling and distributing code – further advanced Visual Basic skills in the area of binary compatibility and the issues therein

Northrop Grumman IT, Fort Leavenworth, KS - May 2000 to December 2004

Title: Senior Programmer, November 2000 to December 2004.

Description: Responsible for debugging and maintaining the logistics-handling portion of a tactical warfare simulator using Fortran and C on a Unix (Solaris) platform. Once the simulation was prepared for release used Visual C++ and Visual Fortran to run the application on a Windows Platform. Use InstallShield Professional 6.0 to create installation of the application for Windows.

Accomplishments: Created from scratch and maintained an Output Viewer using Visual Basic 6.0 with VB scripting and COM Objects. The Output Viewer is a stand-alone application that interfaces with MS Excel and reads flat files that are output from a Tactical Warfare simulator. The Output Viewer is very robust and adds graphical interface to data as well as the ability to chart and customize otherwise archaic data.

Created an MS Access database to be truly normalized and efficient to be used as a backend to a military webpage. Created a MS Visual basic application that wrapped up ADO to use the database to cover for Access’s inability to use stored procedures.

Created from scratch a very robust and user-friendly MS Access Database Application using Visual Basic for internal use in the Supply Department to track equipment distribution.

Skills Acquired: A working knowledge of Unix and Solaris as well as Windows NT/2000, InstallShield Professional, Visual Basic COM objects, programming and problem solving in a professional programming environment.

Entry-level sub-contractor, May 2000 to November 2000. Six-month contract to hire through Aerotek of Overland Park, KS for Northrop Grumman IT. Duties were to become familiar with Fortran, Unix, and parts of the US Military. Gained knowledge about the US military and real-world experience in the software development field.

Technical Competency:

Languages: Visual Basic 6, C#, Java, VB.NET, XML, SQL Server 2005, Cerner CCL, Fortran, C++.

Automated Testing: JUnit for Java and NUnit for .NET

Concepts: Object Oriented Programming, Model View Controller Design Pattern, Agile Development Process, Relational Databases, Binary Compatibility with ActiveX DLLs and EXEs on Windows Systems, OSGi Java Plug-in development, InstallShield and Application deployment.

Related Experience:

Personal Project, Home/Leisure, 2007-Present. Created a .NET Class Library using C# to encapsulate a lot of common functionality for use throughout all of my personal .NET projects (including the Backup/Encryption Application listed below). Some key functionality in this project are common API and implementation for application logging, using Named Pipes for inter-process communications, Asynchronous Progress Handling, Encryption and Decryption, maintaining Application Settings in XML files or in the Windows Registry, and more.

Personal Project, Home/Leisure, 2007-Present. Created application using C# and XML that is used for backing up and encrypting personal files for transport onto external devices including External Hard Drives, CD/DVD R, or USB Key devices. Key features include 128-bit AES standard encryption, use of old Microsoft COM component for further obfuscation of salts for the Encryption. Features to manually select and synch specific files for backup/synchronization, as well as specific files to be encrypted or optionally not encrypted. (This is a work-in-progress and is therefore not completed; the completed portion of the code can be made available upon request.)

Unified Government of Wyandotte County, KS Volunteer Project 2007. Create and maintain Detention Roster Database using Microsoft Access and Visual Basic for Applications. Key features include extremely user-friendly interface, underlying tables and queries are completely hidden to the user, and reports that are somewhat customizable. (An empty version of this database can be made available upon request.)

Personal Project, Home/Leisure, 2003-Present. Create and maintain Tournament-creating software for running and maintaining various types of tournament for various types of games. It is fully object-oriented created using Visual Basic 6.0 and COM Objects. Uses personalized classes, graphics, and a very user friendly interface for the non-computer savvy. The Tournament Maker is widely used in various Video Gaming tournaments around the country as well non-video game tournaments for the average consumer. The application can be downloaded at http://www.adrianljones.com/software.htm or from http://www.download.com. (Code for this application is available upon request – the code, logic, and algorithms within remains the sole property of Adrian L. Jones.)


Java Development for C++ Programmers, Fort Leavenworth, KS  May 5, 2003.  Become familiar with development in Java 1.4.1.  One-Week course taught by Paul Deitel.

InstallShield Multiplatform Training, San Jose, CA April 29, 2002.  Become familiar with InstallShield's multi-platform installation software and how it works with the different platforms and how to create an efficient product installation.

Microsoft Tech Ed .NET Conference, New Orleans, LA April 9, 2002.  Preview and obtain resources on Microsoft's new .NET developer studio.  Become familiar with the product as well as the new .NET framework.

Bachelor of Science - Computer Science, April 2000 Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO.

Academic Studies - three semesters C++, one semester Assembly language programming, Database implementation and design, Programming Languages I (covering three languages), Programming Languages II, Algorithms, Computer Graphics and Computer Organization.

Diploma – May 1996, Wyandotte High School, Kansas City, KS.


Available upon request.