Online BBS's I post on or frequent.

This is a website for Capcom Video Games.  Specifically the fighting games.  The latest updates on them appear here as well as big tournament announcements.  This site is not owned or operated by Capcom but by dedicated Video Gamers.  I post in the forums here where my online name is LightningStorm.

The Trek BBS

Like the above site for Video Games this one is for everything Star Trek.  I primarily post and read the forums about the Books published by Pocket Books.  My name on these boards is also LightningStorm.

Good Informational Sites


The best damned search engine on the Net. Period!

White Pages Phone Directory

This is what it appears to be an online phone book.  It's better, however, than a phone book because you can also do reverse phone and address searches.

This is a very extensive listing of nearly every Television show that has ever appeared on TV.  Complete with episode listings, actors, goofs and nitpicks, and references to current events.  This site also has listings of news pertaining to the shows like if they're being re-released or when/if they will be on DVD,


This is very much like TV Tome, however it's different and both sites have their place.  This is the Internet Movie Database.  This database has TV Shows as well but not quite the extensive information about them.  This is best for looking up specific actors to see what their filmography is or to see the entire cast of a show or movie.

Merriam Webster

This is an online Dictionary and Thesaurus.

Acronym Finder

This is a huge database of nearly every Acronym used everywhere.  Including some culture specific acronyms.  (i.e. AHVB is a video game term for Air Hyper Viper Beam and this is in that database!)

Crime Library

This is quite the interesting site where one could spend hours upon hours reading about various famous and big crimes that have occurred in history as well as recent history.  Everything from Columbine to the Oklahoma City Bombings to the very first person who was ever executed in the US is here.


Seeking a Tech Job?  Check here!  This is unlike Monster in that it is "Tech Jobs" specific.

MSDN Library

The Microsoft Developer Network.  This is the best online manual for all Microsoft Development tools.  Got a question go here first!



Technically the Wal-Mart of the online world.  Not even Wal-Mart itself has surpassed this retail giant online yet.


The first and still the best in online movie rental.  They have almost EVERYTHING that has ever been put on DVD as well as some that seemed to have been put on DVD specifically for this company.  Blockbuster, Wal-Mart, and Amazon are all trying to get in on their market, but I don't know Netflix has it all -- er.. umm.. except pornography and Video Games.

International Male

Online menswear store.  Can be expensive but the clothes are nice - just look for clearance or sale items for the best deals.

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