This section is dedicated to the various books I have recently come to really enjoy reading.  Most of them are Star Trek Books, however not all of them are.

When I was growing up I hated reading.  I mean absolutely HATED reading.  It was boring and always put me to sleep.  Not only that, I tend to like instant gratification and reading an entire novel took entirely too long.  This attitude toward reading continued all the way through college.  I hated reading so much that even when I had to read for school (either novels for book reports or even text books) I didn't.  I was quite adept at "half-assing" it.  I could always come up with the general plot of the story by reading the back cover of the book, the first chapter, the last chapter and some middle chapter.  With only this little bit going for me I'd begin writing the book report and then proceed to skim-reference the book for any details I felt was a bit shaky.  I was apparently quite good with this method as I never remember receiving less than a B on any book report from middle school to college.  I even did this with success on books that the teacher had previously read and knew quite well.  So, now you ask, "Well, if you hated reading so much what got you into doing so now?"  This is kind of a funny and ironic story actually.  After college graduation I got a job doing Software Development for a Government Contracting Company (Northrop Grumman), this position required some travel, primarily to DC.  Since at the time I didn't have a laptop I figured I needed something to do on the plane.  Now, my first trip was in summer of 2001 and by then I had gotten into Star Trek Voyager on TV.  In 2001 Voyager had run its full 7 seasons and was off the air.  I really liked Voyager and really wanted more Voyager stories.  I really had no idea that Star Trek was even in book form, but seeking something to do on the plane I ran across the Star Trek section in (I believe it was) an airport book store.  Being ridiculously early for the plane I stood there and read the back covers of the books that seemed somewhat interesting.  I ended up purchasing Star Trek Voyager: Echoes.  This book was SO good that I finished it in two sittings.  Neither of which were technically on the plane.  I slept on the plane read the first 3/4 of the book in the hotel room and the last 1/4 when I got back home.  The book was so good that I HAD to get more Voyager books.  Over time I got into the other series' books and over more time I got into Deep Space Nine (on DVD through Netflix) which I had only seen a few episodes before this eventually let me to the DS9 books too.  Recently (June 2004) I'd set a goal for myself that I was going to read one book a week.  I've done fairly well with that, although I've not made that goal a few times.  Things like work, video games, friends, boyfriends, and book quality have all been hindrances in completing books in a timely manner.  My new position at Cerner Corporation has VERY greatly hindered my ability to keep up with this schedule.  But I do still read the series I like most as often as I can.

Books I've Read:

Invisible Life (E. Lynn Harris)
  • Invisible Life
  • Abide With Me
  • Not a Day Goes By
  • Any Way the Wind Blows
Area 51 (Robert Doherty)
  • Area 51
  • Area 51: The Reply
  • The Fall of Reach (Eric Nylund)
  • The Flood (William C. Dietz)
  • First Strike (Eric Nylund)
DC and Marvel
  • Infinite Crisis: The Novel (Greg Cox)
  • X-Men: Chaos Engine books 1-3 (Steven A. Roman)
Resident Evil
  • Original Works and Game Novelizations (SD Perry)
    • Zero Hour
    • Umbrella Conspiracy
    • Calibar Cove
    • City of the Dead
    • Underworld
    • Nemesis
    • Code Veronica
  • Movie Novelizations (Keith RA DeCandido)
    • Genesis
    • Apocalypse
Stargate: SG-1 and Atlantis
  • SG-1: A Matter of Honor (Sally Malcolm)
  • SG-1: The Cost of Honor (Sally Malcolm)
  • The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams)
  • The Genesis Protocol (Dayton Ward)
  • Sliders: The Novel (Brad Linaweaver)
Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • A Time to Be Born (John Vornholt)
  • A Time to Die (John Vornholt)
  • A Time to Sow (Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore)
  • A Time to Harvest (Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore)
  • A Time to Love (Robert Greenberger)
  • A Time to Hate (Robert Greenberger)
  • A Time to Kill (David Mack)
  • A Time to Heal (David Mack)
  • A Time for War, A Time for Peace (Keith RA DeCandido)
  • The Battle of Betazed (Charlotte Douglas and Susan Kearney)
  • Death in Winter (Michael Jan Friedman)
  • Do Comets Dream (SP Somtow)
  • The Dominion War book 1: Behind Enemy Lines (John Vornholt)
  • The Dominion War book 2: Tunnel Through the Stars (John Vornholt)
  • Gateways book 3: Doors into Chaos (Robert Greenberger)
  • Genesis Wave books 1-3 (John Vornholt)
  • Genesis Force (John Vornholt)
  • Invasion book 2: Soldiers of Fear (Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
  • Section 31: Rogue (Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • A Stitch in Time (Andrew J. Robinson)
  • Avatar books 1 & 2 (SD Perry)
  • Fallen Heroes (Dafydd Ab Hugh)
  • Gateways book 4: Demons of Air and Darkness (Keith RA DeCandido
  • Hollow Men (Una McCormack)
  • Invasion book 3: Time's Enemy (LA Graf)
  • The Left Hand of Destiny books 1 & 2 (JG Hertzler and Jeffrey Lang)
  • Millennium books 1-3 (Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens)
  • Mission Gamma book 1: Twilight (David R. George III)
  • Mission Gamma book 2: This Gray Spirit (Heather Jarman)
  • Mission Gamma book 3: Cathedral (Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin)
  • Mission Gamma book 4: Lesser Evil (Robert Simpson)
  • Rising Son (SD Perry)
  • Section 31: Abyss (David Weddle and Jeffrey Lang)
  • The Lives of Dax (ed. Marco Palmieri)
  • Unity (SD Perry)
  • Warpath (David Mack)
  • Worlds of DS9 vol 1 (Heather Jarman and Una McCormack)
  • Worlds of DS9 vol 2 (Andy Mangels, Michael A. Martin and J. Noah Kym)
  • Worlds of DS9 vol 3 (Keith RA DeCandido and David R. George III)
Star Trek: Voyager
  • Captain's Table: Fire Ship (Diane Carey)
  • Dark Matters books 1-3 (Christie Golden)
  • [Have not read all stories in this book.] Distant Shores (ed. Marco Palmieri)
  • Echoes (Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and Nina Kiriki Hoffman)
  • Endgame (Diane Carey)
  • Homecoming (Christie Golden)
  • Farther Shore (Christie Golden)
  • Spirit Walk books 1 & 2 (Christie Golden)
  • Gateways book 5: No Man's Land (Christie Golden)
  • Invasion book 4: The Final Fury (Dafydd Ab Hugh)
  • Nanotech War (Steven Piziks)
  • Pathways (Jeri Taylor)
  • Section 31: Shadow (Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
  • String Theory book 1 (Jeffrey Lang)
  • String Theory book 2 (Kirsten Beyer)
  • String Theory book 3 (Heather Jarman)
Star Trek: Novel Only Series
  • New Frontier
    • Gateways book 6: Cold Wars (Peter David)
  • Vanguard
    • Harbinger (David Mack)
    • Summon the Thunder (Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore)
Star Trek: Other, Crossovers, and Anthologies
  • [Have not read all stories in this book.] Strange New Worlds vol 6 (ed. Dean Wesley Smith)
  • [Have not read all stories in this book.] Strange New Worlds vol 7 (ed. Dean Wesley Smith)
  • TNG/X-Men: Planet X (Michael Jan Friedman)
  • TOS: Invasion book 1: First Strike (Diane Carey)
  • Dark Passions books 1 & 2 (Susan Wright)
  • Engines of Destiny (Gene Deweese)
  • Gateways book 7 (ed. Marco Palmieri)
  • Tales of the Dominion War (ed. Keith RA DeCandido)

Books on the schedule to be read:

Star Trek:
  • DS9: Captain's Table: The Mist
  • DS9: Prophecy and Change (ed. Marco Palmieri)
  • DS9: Rebels trilogy (Dafydd Ab Hugh)
  • SCE: Distant Early Warning (Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore)
  • Titan: Taking Wing (Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin)
  • Titan: The Red King (Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin)
  • Titan: Orion's Hounds (Christopher Bennett)
  • Titan: Sword of Damocles (Geoffrey Thorne)
  • Lost Era: Art of the Impossible (Keith RA DeCandido)
  • Lost Era: Catalyst of Sorrows (Margaret Wander Bonanno)
  • TNG: Dark Mirror (Diane Duane)
  • TNG: Double Helix Omnibus (Christie Golden, Dean Wesley Smith, Diane Carey, John Gregory Betancourt, John Vornholt, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Michael Jan Friedman, and Peter David)
  • TNG: Gemworld books 1 & 2 (John Vornholt)
  • TNG: I, Q (John De Lancie and Peter David)
  • TNG: Immortal Coil (Jeffrey Lang)
  • TNG: Imzadi 1 and 2 (Peter David)
  • TNG: Q-In-Law (Peter David)
  • TNG: Q-Squared (Peter David)
  • TNG: The Q Continuum trilogy (Greg Cox)
  • TNG: Vendetta (Peter David)
  • VOY: Mosaic (Jerri Taylor)
  • Vanguard: Reap the Whirlwind (David Mack)
  • Articles of the Federation (Keith RA DeCandido)
  • Tales from the Captains' Table (ed. Keith RA DeCandido)
  • Mirror Universe: Glass Empires (David Mack, Greg Cox, Mike Sussman, Dayton Ward, and Kevin Dilmore)
  • Mirror Universe: Obsidian Alliances (Keith RA DeCandido, Peter David, and Sarah Shaw)
Babylon 5:
  • The Psy-Corsp Trilogy (J. Gregory Keyes)
  • Legions of Fire Trilogy (Peter David)
  • The Techno Mages Trilogy (Jeanne Cavelos)
  • To Dream in the City of Sorrows (Kathryn M. Drennan)
DC and Marvel:
  • DC Universe: Inheritance (Devin Grayson)
  • Fantastic Four (movie novelization) (Peter David)
  • Fantastic Four: War Zone (Greg Cox)
  • Batman Begins (novelization) (Dennis O'Neil)
  • Wolverine: Road of Bones (David Mack)
  • X-Men: Mutant Empire Trilogy (Christopher Golden)
  • X-Men & Spider-man: Time's Arrow Trilogy (Tom DeFalco)
Other Media-Tie-In:
  • 24: Cat's Claw (John Whitman)
  • 24: Operation Hell Gate (Marc Cerasini)
  • 24: Trojan Horse (Marc Cerasini)
  • 24: Veto Power (John Whitman)
  • Halo: Ghosts of Onyx (Eric Nylund)
  • Stargate SG-1: City of the Gods (Sonny Whitelaw)
  • A Love of My Own (E. Lynn Harris)
  • And This Too Shall Pass (E. Lynn Harris)
  • If This World Were Mine (E. Lynn Harris)
  • Just As I Am (E. Lynn Harris)
  • The Foreigner Series (CJ Cherryh)
  • Restaurant at the End of the Universe (Douglas Adams)
  • Section 8 (Robert Doherty)
  • The rest of the Area 51 series (Robert Doherty)