Hello and Welcome to my site.

On this page you could read a bit about me and what I do for both work and fun.  Funny enough often times work and fun go hand and hand with me.  You see I am a firm believer in "you should enjoy your work."  And I do.  I am a Software Developer, I have liked computers since 4th grade.  I have liked programming computers since at least 6th grade when I got my first computer at home which was a Tandy Color Computer 3 it's operating system was Extended Basic.  That's right, a programming language was the operating system.  So with the 2" thick book that came with it I read and programmed and tweaked sample programs until I learned how to create my own programs for the system.  I loved this computer and this being my first taste of "programming" (then I didn't know what it was called, much less that there was real life jobs for it) a Software Developer was born in me.

In my adult life I've written many applications for both personal and professional use.  One my latest and honestly I consider my best is a Tournament Maker.  This application is for running your own tournaments.  It streamlines the process removes the need for paper and brain wracking seeding methods.  For more information on this see the Software page.

Download the latest version of the Tournament Maker Here!
version 2.1

College Graduate Class of 2000
Northwest Missouri State University
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Last Updated August 28, 2009
Contact me at ajones78@swbell.net